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Make Money Using These (5) IRS Tax-Free Strategies!

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How to Make Money Safe-n-Easy in the Stock Market?

Invest For Yourself by Investing In Yourself!

This step by step illustration will show you the essential components of investing and answer the ole saying:

"Buy Low and Sell How"

The (5) W's and How are addressed below:

  • Who is investing? You are! Not an over-paid, under-performing broker/  advisor who only cares about their fees. Trust me, we are former Financial Advisors and we now Wall Street is focused on only (1) thing - making money on your money - your performance is NOT their primary or secondary goal... Lips service is.

  • Where to invest? Online! Its fast, easy and very low cost - compared to expensive brokers!

  • Why invest? Inflation! Just putting your money in a taxable savings account or CD at low interest is not good enough - you will lose too much value because of the Federal Reserve's Inflation machine - you need to invest - wisely!

  • What to invest in? ETF's - Not Mutual Funds! Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are much lower cost and have as much variety as expensive and under-performing mutual funds and they allow you to hedge your investment - Mutual Funds don't!

  • When to invest? Buy Low and Sell High! Easier said than done for most investors, professionals too... but you will see how...

  • How to invest? Read the Charts! The secret to this ole saying "Buy Low / Sell High" is revealed in the charts with support and resistance levels as your buy/sell guides... it works!


Who is investing? You are!

  1. Invest for Yourself by Investing in Yourself now!

  2. Take control of your financial future rather than replying on unskilled, expensive and poor-performing brokers/advisors

Where to invest? Online!
  1. Today it is so much easier to invest online with a real-time account from TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, Schwab, Scott Trade, etc.
  2. Plus, most of the tools you will need are provided FREE and updated regularly with the latest functionality... FREE!
Why invest? Inflation!
  1. If you let your money just sit in a low interest savings account or CD - you are losing money to inflation!
  2. Why? Because real inflation is being driven higher by the Federal Reserve's desire for a weaker dollar
  3. The only way to get ahead is to invest - but invest wisely (see below)
What to invest in? ETF's
  1. Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and are much lower cost than Mutual Funds and offer a wide variety of investments
  2. ETFs can be hedged - cover your downside risk - Mutual Funds can not!
  3. Over 85% of Mutual Funds FAIL to beat the S&P 500 Index (SPY) - so just invest in the index (SPY) - its cheap n easy!
  4. Question: Where do you think the cost of energy (oil) is going long term? Higher or Lower?
  5. If you think oil is going higher - why not invest in Energy ETFs that pay 10%-15% yield on dividends?
  6. As an additional Bonus - here is a list of the top performing Energy ETFs for you to choose from
When to invest? Buy Low and Sell High!
  1. Buy Low when stocks, ETFs are trading near their Support Level and Sell High when they trade near their Resistance Level
  2. As an example, here is a 1-year candlestick chart for Energy ETF (WHX) with a dividend yield of 15.5%:
  3. Support Level (15) is where traders stop selling and start buying = Buy Low signal
  4. Resistance Level(24) is where traders stop buying and start selling = Sell High signal
  5. These levels represent the "channel" that this ETF has been trading in and is your guide to buy low / sell high
  6. Go online to for easy charting of your favorite stocks and ETFs and recognize these levels

Energy ETF (WHX) Chart - Support (buy) & Resistance (sell) Levels

  1. Here's another example below: (NLY) - Gov't supported mortgage finance company yielding 13.8%
  2. Note the tight channel, just $1.00 spread between Support (17.25) and Resistance (18.25) Levels


How to invest? Read the Charts!
  1. Read the charts and recognize the "Buy" signal is usually when the charts are moving up from Support Level
  2. Recognize the "Sell" signal is usually when the charts are moving down from Resistance Level
  3. There are no guaranteed rules, these have just proven to be very accurate over and over again... Good Luck!


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