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This is the Safest Place to Invest Your Money and Earn up to 8% Interest* as Tax-Free Income for College, Retirement or Any Financial Need - Unrestricted!

You can earn above market rate-of-returns and enjoy the benefits of

Tax-Free Income for any of your financial needs (College, Retirement, etc.) so you have complete flexibility and access to your money!

(*) Based on over 10+ Years of S&P 500 Equity-Indexed Point-to-Point Returns


This Proven Investment Solution has been available for decades and utilized by the wealthy to secure their family's financial future and save on taxes. It is now offered to anyone who needs financial flexibility, higher rate-of-return and tax-free Income... like you!

Introducing CKURITEE TM (se-cur-it-y)!

This is a comprehensive, multi-purpose, proven and safe solution that can meet all your financial needs in a single investment and give you... Peace of Mind!

This single solution can solve all of your financial concerns with safety, higher interest, access to your money, unrestricted use, Tax-Free income, flexibility and more:

  • Up to 8% interest* rate of return with a guaranteed (2%-3%) interest above market rates

  • Safety with Principal Protection so you have No Risk of Loss**

  • Tax-Free Income for use with Any of your Financial Needs (college, retirement, etc...)

  • Access to Your Money for Complete Liquidity - Unrestricted

  • Flexible Terms to meet your needs for timeframe and budget so it fits your lifestyle

  • Comprehensive Multi-Purpose single solution for all your financial needs

(**) Based on the financial strength and benefit paying capability of the sponsoring investment company.

This CKURITEE multi-purpose solution offers you Safety, high 8% interest, Tax-Free income and Flexibility you cannot find in any other investment vehicle.

"We used CKURITEE to fund our kids college and now we're using it to save for our retirement and looking forward to years of safe Tax-Free income." Bill & Kate S. - NYC

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When you consider all of the benefits of CKURITEE and the fact it gives you Tax-Free income for any of your financial needs, there is no equal.

Compare CKURITEE to all the other investments you would need to cover all of your financial needs and it becomes easily apparent that there are just too many restricted, high-fee and under-performing complex investments for any family to try and manage:

For example, consider this chart of all the other investments you would need vs. CKURITEE, the single, multi-purpose investment for any of your financial needs:

Use for "ANY" of Your Financial Needs:



Versus: Other Restricted, High-Cost, Poor-Performing Investments:
Emergency Funds Accessible, 8% Interest* Low-Interest bank account, CD, money market funds
College Funds Any College, Any State Awful 529 Plans, Restricted, High Fees, Poor Performing
Retirement Funds Thousands of Dollars in monthly Tax-Free income Taxable IRA, 401K, savings accounts, pensions
Healthcare Funds Optional Long Term Care (LTC) benefits Restricted and limited use LTC insurance, high fees
Family Security Tax-Free, Asset You Own! Rented Term Insurance, expires, not an asset...
Business Funds Your money, Your terms Expensive bank loan and terms, exhaustive T's-n-C's


Plus, CKURITEE will not affect your Social Security benefits in retirement.

And, you can still Qualify for additional Financial Aid to fund your kids college! (unlike awful 529 plans that can Disqualify You from getting financial aid!)

"We've never seen anything quite as beneficial as CKURITEE to give us monthly Tax-Free income to enjoy our retirement and offer Long Term Care benefits too!" Tom & Sue M. - Phoenix, AZ

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This CKURITEE TM (security) solution is multi-purpose, proven safe and reliable with exclusive Tax-Free income benefits that are unmatched from any other investment option.

Learn more about CKURITEE that can give your family Peace of Mind with financial security!

Request more information today and learn how CKURITEE can meet any of your financial needs and provide for your kids college, your own retirement and much more.

CKURITEE involves Equity-Index Universal Life (EIUL) insurance and we work with many of the top financially sound companies in America to bring you the safest possible solution. Learn more about it today and Request More Information Now - click here!

You have No Risk, there is No Obligation and your information is safe, secure and confidential - see our Privacy Policy.

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