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Safely Earn (9% - 15%) High-Yield Dividends - Tax-Free!

This Investors Report contains a short list of proven investments that pay a significantly higher yield (9% - 15%) than riskier investments.


Many of these high-yield ETFs are based on the belief of continued global growth in China, India and other developing countries, that will increase the demand (and price) of energy and oil.


Then these Energy ETFs have some of the best opportunities for increased yield and growth!


  • The Cost of Energy (Oil) is Going Up, so are These Dividend Yields (9%+)

  • Learn How To Safely "Buy Low and Sell High" by Timing the Market

  • Dividends are Tax-Free with This Investment Structure - Everyone Qualifies!

FREE TIP: This Energy Trust pays out 90% of earnings at a current dividend yield over 12% and it's growing! It controls 90% of (37) oil wells in Oklahoma and it plans to add (123) more wells through 2015 for even greater dividends and growth! It's revealed (as SDT) in this Investors Report!


"We used this list to pick Energy ETFs that consistently pay over 10% dividends and with the recommended tax structure, we're enjoying Tax-Free interest and growth!" John C. - Chicago, IL

  This Investors Report reveals over a dozen Energy ETFs and for added safety, we show you when to "Buy Low" when the ETFs are trading near "Support Levels" (buy signal). This buy low advantage positions you for higher dividend yield and the opportunity for more capital gains too!

Plus, we give you a revealing list of High Yield (9%+) Closed-End Funds (CEF), that are like ETFs with defined investment strategies and a portfolio of high-interest paying assets. These CEFs typically drop in price near their 52-week lows during yearend, a buying opportunity because of (3) strong market actions revealed in this Investors Report. 

FREE TIP: This Global Dividend CEF is currently yielding 14% and is priced near its 52-week low ($7.45) for a strong buying opportunity and it's backed by a Global Bank. It's revealed (as EOD) in this Investors Report!

And, we'll reveal the easiest way to pick the best time to buy low at Support and sell high at Resistance levels that professional Wall Street traders use to make big profits! Its no longer simply buy and hold, you really need to know when to Buy Low... and Sell High to take Profits!

Plus, virtually Everyone Qualifies for this recommended tax structure to hold these Energy ETF and CEF investments that is Tax-Free, so your high yield dividends and capital gains are worth even more money as they grow and grow Tax-Free!


"My dividends and total return is up over 20% because I use this list and the very helpful buy low and sell high trading techniques, they really work!" Bill H. - Cleveland, OH

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This Investors Report reveals How to Safely Earn (9%-15%) High-Yield Dividends - Tax Free! Regularly priced at $99.95... is Only $49.95 Today!

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FREE Bonus #1: New Research Report reveals This Easy (Tax-Free) Income is Overlooked by Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

As a small home business owner, this Research Report is a must have because the information will show you How To recognize thousands and thousands of dollars of over-looked income that is Tax-Free to you, the business owner!

Plus, this Tax-Free income is also a same dollar amount of business expense tax deduction that can save you thousands of tax dollars!

And, there are numerous ancillary expenses as new tax deductions that you're over-looking today that can save you even more tax dollars!

"What an eye-opener, once I read this report I immediately took advantage and made $3,500 in Tax-Free income from my business!"  David M. - Dallas, TX

Better yet, as a small home business; you're already doing the One-Activity necessary for this Tax-Free income! You don't change any of your operations because as a home business, this 1-activity is already being performed in your business. When you order this revealing Research Report, you will have this "ah-ha" moment and begin to realize these (3) big benefits:

  • Thousands of dollars of Tax-Free Income to you, the business owner

  • Take this same $$ amount as business expense for added tax savings

  • Many ancillary expenses as new business deductions for more tax savings

You can easily convert hundreds of dollars of 1099 or W2 taxable income every month, into your own Tax-Free Income and save money on state, federal and employment taxes in your successful small home business.

This Research Report includes the complete IRS Rule, often overlooked by most CPAs because it is not readily apparent and is hidden, not surprisingly, on the last page and last paragraph and reads as follows:

  IRS Rule: "The income derived from such use for the taxable year shall not be included in the gross income of such taxpayer..."

This means the income you receive is Tax- Free for this 1-Activity you already perform in your home business! You just haven't realized it's worth thousands and thousands of dollars of Tax-Free income to you, the small home business owner - in this FREE Bonus - Research Report!

Order this revealing Investors Report today! Buy Now!

This Investors Report reveals How to Safely Earn 9%-15% High-Yield Dividends - Tax Free!   Regularly priced at $99.95... is Only $49.95 Today!

Plus, you get this Free Bonus #2 when you order today:

FREE Bonus #2: Avoid Over-Paying Your Taxes with These 300+ Money Saving Tax Deductions for Your Small Business



This Tax Report can help you avoid over-paying your taxes and save money!

The value of this information is based on how much money you can save or make.  Then these 300+ Tax Deductions are worth thousands of dollars to your small home business!

  • Value of Information is what you Save & Make - This is Worth Thousands!

  • You Save Thousands on Taxes when You Know These 300+ Deductions

  • Convenient Reference List from A-to-Z makes Saving Money Easier

This FREE Tax Report reveals, in easy to reference A-Z order, virtually all the tax deductible expenses available to your business now... instead of waiting for your CPA to read thousands of pages of complex IRS tax code.

FREE TIP: Your Garage!  Do you realize that you can charge your business a rental fee as tax deductible expense to park your car in your own garage! The average tax deduction is approximately $1,800... did your CPA tell you about this tax tip? Ask (3) local public garages for estimates of what to charge as your expense and document it... simple and easy money!

"We've saved thousands of dollars on our taxes thanks to this very useful list, without it, we would have over-paid lots and lots of taxes!"  Jane B. - Denver, CO

 This Bonus Report of over 300+ Tax Deductions regularly priced at $99.95... is a FREE Bonus when you order this special Investors Report.

Order this revealing Investors Report today! Buy Now!

This Investors Report reveals How To Safely Earn (9%-15%) High-Yield Dividends - Tax Free! Regularly priced at $99.95... is Only $49.95 Today and includes: 

FREE Bonus #1: Easy Tax-Free Income is Overlooked by Business Owners,      regularly priced at $99.95... is FREE with your order.


FREE Bonus #2: Over 300+ Money Saving Tax Deductions for Your Business,

                          regularly priced at $99.95... is FREE with your order.


Offered Exclusively and Only by the Foundation for Financial Freedom,

Your Tax-Free-Money Specialist! TM


Total Value of $300 in All (3) Reports... is Only $49.95 Today!



This 50:1 ROI No Risk Guarantee assures you of at least $2,500 in Tax-Free Income

and you can also convert current 1099 / W2 taxable income into this Tax-Free Income!


We are very confident making this 50:1 Guarantee because, as small home business owners like you, we use these tax-free income and tax-saving benefits every year because they work!


Get all (3) Valued Research Reports regularly priced at $99.95 each!


 Total Value of $300 in All (3) Reports... is Only $49.95 Today!

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Price: $49.95

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PS. You get Thousands and Thousands of Dollars of Tax-Free Income and Tax Savings Benefits based on 1-Activity that you already perform in your business! This money is just sitting in your business, waiting for you to finally realize it's there for the taking! Act now! Get thousands of dollars in Tax-Free Income to you, the small home business owner.. Take Action Today!



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