Now, You can Do MORE with Less!


Do More with Less fitness equipment... with this (20-in-1) Trans4mer by GoXercise, Inc.

Save Money, Save Time & Save Space with these (20) popular fitness equipment configurations in just (1) 8" Trans4mer constructed of strong durable rubber and quality  Made in the USA


This Trans4mer is considered to be - The Swiss Army Knife of hand-held Fitness Equipment...!

You get (2) EZ Change Handles ergonomically designed of (red) rubber that let you quickly change configurations into any of these (4+) popular pieces of fitness equipment:

  Exercise Ball - (No Handles)

  Kettle Bell - (1 Handle)

  Medicine Ball - (2 Handles opposite)

  NEW Kettle Bell-2(TM) - (2 Handles next to each other) - preferred by more Personal Trainers!

                                   Plus, Dumbbells - (1 Handle to the side)


Easily Change Your Weight Resistance from (4, 6, 8 and 10 lbs) with the (self-contained) Progressive Weight System (round metal discs) inside the 8" rubber ball where you simply add another 2 pound disc to add weight from 4 to 6 to 8 up to 10 pounds.. Easy and Convenient!


"I find the Trans4mer an amazing piece of fitness equipment that can accomplish so much with so little. Fitness these days needs to be accessible, fun and motivating..."
 - Diane H. - Owner, Higher Ground Fitness, Inc., Woodstock, IL

You get (20) configurations
of the most popular fitness equipment in just (1) versatile, flexible, portable and affordable Trans4mer for only $99.95  Save $50 Off  MSRP $149.95... that's a 33% Savings! 

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Do More with Less... because you get all (20) of these popular equipment configurations in just (1) Trans4mer so you can choose from 100's of exercises with this (1) versatile device in the comfort & convenience of your own home:

     (4) Kettle Bells -  Weighing (4, 6, 8 and 10 pounds),

+ (4) Exercise Balls -  Weighing (4, 6, 8 and 10 pounds),

+ (4) Medicine Balls -  Weighing (4, 6, 8 and 10 pounds),

+ (4) NEW Kettle Bell-2's -  Weighing (4, 6, 8 and 10 pounds),

+ (4) Dumbbells -  Weighing (4, 6, 8 and 10 pounds) for a total

= (20) Configurations of popular fitness equipment in just (1) 8"  Trans4mer ball... Unbeatable Value!


Note: You would spend over $650 for all (20) of these individual pieces of expensive fitness equipment (collectively weighing 140 pounds) and clutter your home with obsolete stuff.... vs (1) Trans4mer (Model-10, 10 lbs.) for Only $99.95.

Avoid the waste of costly individual pieces of fitness equipment that quickly becomes obsolete as you grow stronger.......! Get the (20-in-1) Trans4mer and enjoy the ultimate flexibility with your fitness equipment and exercise routines, all in (1).

"The Trans4mer offers users a multi-functional exercise solution that is very versatile and flexible with 20 configurations in one. It allows for a lot more variety in your workouts without the need for multiple pieces of equipment."
- Beth M. - Personal Trainer, Glenview, IL

, you get the FREE DVD ($24.95 Value) of 'non-extreme' functional exercises that are smooth-n-steady:   


  +   Strengthen Your Core

  +   Lose Weight

   Improve Your Balance

   +   Gain Overall Strength and Endurance

   +    Improve Your Self Image and Feel Better about Yourself.


Get your versatile (20-in-1) Trans4mer today for only $99.95 (+S&H) Save $50 Off = 33% Savings! 

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Here's what you get with the versatile (20-in-1) Trans4mer Model-10 (10 pounds):

  • (1) Trans4mer 8" rubber ball (4 pounds)
  • (2) EZ Change Handles
  • (3) Round metal discs (2 pounds each, total 6 pounds) - inside the ball
  • (1) "Non-Extreme" smooth-n-steady exercise DVD - performed by professional trainers


Only this versatile Trans4mer gives you all (20) configurations of popular fitness equipment in just (1) EZ device!

ONLY $99.95(+S&H).... You Save $50 OFF MSRP $149.95 = 33% Savings! 

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                                                  No Risk Money Back Guarantee!