Exercise Just Got Easier, More Beneficial!

All New Fitness Category – “New Freedom for Fitness” with the Trans4mer(TM):

  • Multi-Functional (20-in-1)
  • Portable (all self contained fitness device)
  • Upgradable (+10 Lbs, Tech Tracking Package)
  • Sustainable (Only 10 lbs, Saves 115 Lbs)
  • Affordable (Less than $2 / week)

Enables 100’s of easy ‘Non-Extreme’ exercises you can do Any Place, Any Time… you chose! 


The innovative (20-In-1) Trans4mer gives you all this in (1) convenient portable fitness device:

  • (5) EZ Change Handle Configurations of popular hand-held fitness equipment – Kettle Bell, Medicine Ball, Dumbbell, Exercise Ball and NEW Kettle Bell-2(TM)
  • (4) Upgradable Weights inside the device – (2.5, 5.0, 7.5 and 10 Lbs.) – Upgradable too (+10 Lbs)
  • Click the picture below for (5) Configurations + Multi-Weight animation:


Now, You can Enjoy the GAIN without the Pain! (…from too extreme exercise!)

Enjoy the GAIN of exercising in the comfort of your own home (or office) with this convenient and versatile (20-in-1) Trans4mer…Plus our ‘Non-Extreme‘ Smooth-n-Steady exercises keep your fitness routines Fresh-n-Fun… never boring!

Enjoy the GAIN without the Pain… of spending over $650 on obsolete and expensive pieces of exercise equipment because… Now you get (20) popular configurations of fitness equipment in just (1) Trans4mer.

You Save Money, Save Time & Save Space with this (1) Trans4mer because… Now you can be More Efficient and Do More with Less.
(Just (1) 10 lb Trans4mer Saves 115 lbs of our natural resources used in (20) individual pieces of obsolete fitness equipment!)

Enjoy the GAIN without the Pain… from too extreme exercise (and potential injuries) with this FREE DVD of ‘Non-Extreme’ smooth and steady exercises that are gentile on your body to help you:

Strengthen Your Core (Relieve Lower Back Pain)

Lose Weight

Improve Your Balance

Feel Better About Yourself…

…all in the Comfort and Privacy of Your Own Home. (… instead of a smelly noisy gym)

The (20-in-1) patented Trans4mer(TM) by GoXercise(TM) is the first and only fitness device that lets you Do More with Less… less cumbersome equipment scattered around your house… less obsolete and heavy equipment that is just too hard to work with and prone to injury…

(Note: Prototype Version 2.1 shown, production model will be slightly different.)

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This versatile (20-in-1) Trans4mer WON “Invention of the Year” and the US (Utility) Patent!

This Trans4mer is considered The Swiss Army Knife of hand-held Fitness Equipment!

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